Australia First Party will be tested by the Australian Electoral Commission
(AEC) for its eligibility to remain a Federally-registered party. That test will be applied in September via the AEC’s usual process.
The maintenance of the party registration has been stressed to members in
recent communications.
The status of the party as a regularized structure, registered by the AEC,
has clear benefits for our nationalist cause. This goes well beyond the
pedestrian electoral benefits – our party name and logo on a ballot paper,
tax-deductible status, certain telecommunication information rights, and even
access to the electoral roll. Rather, it confers on our nationalist activism
a particular ‘legality’ at a time when globalism is restricting the rights of
Australians to freely organize against it. Meantime, a registered party has
rights in respect of meeting venues and public events, public communication
and the maintenance of a public presence.
Lately, nationalist-minded organisations have bonded together in a new
Australian Council of Nationalists, which involves two registered parties –
ourselves and Love Australia Or Leave. The registered parties offer a strong
centrifugal force for all forms of nationalist organisation in the community.
Australia First members have participated in a variety of electoral, community and cultural efforts both in a physical struggle and in the fight of
ideas. This will continue. The re-registration of the party in 2020 will be a signal that our members wish to intensify their efforts to develop our party
into a nationally organized movement with an impact in Australian politics. So, please, if you’re unsure about your registration status, get in touch with us (the number is available on this site) and make sure!
Moreover, please enlist as many friends and family members as you can! Australia needs every Australia First Party member it can get!


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