ICAC SHOULD PROBE INTO THE BACKGROUND OF THE MURDER OF MICHAEL MCGURK: AEROTROPOLIS PROJECT SMELLS BEYOND MEASURE For some time the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has been probing the financial activities of ex-Liberal Party member of parliament, Daryl Maguire.  Indeed, he wove a web of corruption throughout the Riverina and in Sydney. Then, dynamite testimony heard on September 30 and October 1 turned up Maguire’s involvement in rezoning matters at the Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis projects. Information surfaced too, regarding properties owned by a convicted murderer, Ron Medich. In 2018, this man was convicted of conspiracy in the murder of fellow developer, Michael McGurk. For a long time now, Medich’s appeal against conviction notwithstanding, allegations have been afloat that other hands may have been involved in framing the broader parameters of the conspiracy. Lili Orrock, lead Australia First Party candidate for East Ward in Penrith City Council, said today: “The ICAC can investigate motives in the murder of McGurk if corruption is involved. If there is any doubt of this, parliament could extend to it the necessary authority. The Aerotropolis has now turned up more than its share of corrupt practices and manipulative organisations and real estate based profiteers. This investigation must be extended. This Aerotropolis project has been shrouded in secrecy for too long.”

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